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The volume of forensic texts available is phenomenal, but many are of poor quality, or are factually innacurate.

Forensic medicine and science are popular subjects, and many books 'capitalise' on this popularity by reproducing innacurate knowledge passed on from textbook to textbook.

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general/ popular forensic science books


Forensic science (2nd Edition), Jackson ARW and Jackson JM

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Forensics for Dummies. Lyle DP

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Forensic science. Frith A

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Forensic Science - a beginners guide. Siegel J

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forensics demystified


useful reference texts





Anatomy revision resources can be found here ....

medical word roots, prefixes and suffixes (via Wikipedia)




Book sculture - Household Physician (Brian Dettmer 2008)

useful apps


  • anatomylab - anatomy app with the ability to manipulate a virtual body, and carry out a layered dissection


In cold blood. Capote T (Penguin Modern Classic)

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recently published

The invention of murder. Flanders J. Harper Press 2011


"Scratch John Bull and you find the ancient Briton who revels in blood, who loves to dip deep into a murder, and devours the details of a hanging." So said the Pall Mall Gazette in 1887. Its immediate justification was the success of Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which had been published the previous year and had already sold 40,000 copies. But it would be just as easy to prove the same point at any time during the last couple of centuries. And in our own time as well, as every bestseller list and TV schedule reminds us. Murder is as much a British preoccupation as football or the weather.

Andrew Motion in The Guardian 8/1/2011 (read the rest of his review here ...)


Voodoo Histories - how conspiracy theory has shaped modern history. Aaronovitch D.

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They [also] understand what everybody else doesn't, what everybody else would most like to deny. They are the lonely custodians of the truth, and they got there through the quality of their minds - and by being brave enough to read a book.

The author on the nature of the conspiracy theorist (p. 218)

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