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The requirements for specialty training in forensic pathology have recently changed in the UK, and the new Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in forensic histopathology is in its early stages of implementation. Up-to-date advice and guidance should be sought from the Royal College of Pathologists.

Currently, in order to persue a career in forensic pathology in the UK, one must enter a training programme for forensic histopathology.
Entry into forensic histopathology occurs after the Foundation years, which follow graduation from medical school.

The Royal College of Pathologists provide advice on careers in pathology in the UK here and in (forensic) histopathology here, with a link to the national applications process here. The new forensic histopathology training route curriculum is available here.

Additional information regarding training opportunities in the UK histopathology training schools is available, detailing where those training schools are, and the facilities etc that they offer the prospective applicant.

General advice on how to persue a career in histopathology can be found at the NHS Histopathology Training Schools website.

current training places

There are currently training places in forensic pathology at:

  • Liverpool, England (2)
  • Leicester, England (3)
  • Newcastle Upon-Tyne, England (2)
  • Glasgow, Scotland (1)
  • Dundee, Scotland (1)
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland (1)

In the future there may be additional training places in Cardiff (Wales).

Information about the future availablility of posts at these locations may be obtained from the respective departments or the local post-graduate Deaneries.


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